Sunday, April 3, 2011

In the name of love? In the name of New York?

Ophelia! Get over here already!

I can't wait to see you! Speaking of job searching and translatlantic ventures, el novio has just told me the craziest story that shows just how far people will go for jobs in the Big Apple...and just how tough nailing that visa can be... (which totally reminds me how tough it's been to get where I am today!)

Get this... el novio knows this girl who came to New York from Spain to do an internship...Internship goes super well...she falls in love with New York (and a New Yorker...) and decides she wants to stay.

The company allows her a 6-month internship extension - she's beyond excited, stays and completes her internship. The 6 months go by (the New Yorker as well...) and she now tries to negotiate a full-time job with them (she clearly wants to stay...oh and btw a new New Yorker is now in the picture who works for the same Spanish company!).

By this time the company clearly tells her that despite them wanting to keep her, they just can't. They can't justify her need for a visa and their need for her in the company. so many Europeans, she goes back to Spain. But her heart is still in New York. 1 week back in Madrid, she ditches everything, buys a 1-way ticket back to NY. Arrives in NY and a week later gets married to her boyfriend who works for the same company ANNNNDD the craziest of it all, the company HAS to sponsor her for a spouse visa now as he is an expatriate ANNNNDDDDD after putting a ton of pressure on the company, they end up hiring her!!

I couldn't believe the story! The lengths people will go or New York?

This city is indeed an addiction and a passion! And this hilariously crazy anecdote clearly proved it to me once again this afternoon!

Besitos chicas,

Flora xoxo

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