Tuesday, April 5, 2011

from Boredom to Romance

Flora, I would definitely do anything for Los Angeles.  If it meant getting married to a man off the street, I would!   The biggest love of my life has been this city !

Work has been so boring lately.  They have an entire crew of interns now, but there isn't enough work to keep us all busy. So instead, we take turns going on runs and assisting the crew with ad hoc duties.  This means that each of us have a few hours of downtime per day.  How do you pretend to look busy when you don't even have a computer screen to hide behind?!

I am so boooooooored.  I really hope things pick up again soon.  I simply can't handle staring at a dot on the wall for very much longer.

On a positive note though, it has given me time to get to know one of the other interns quite well.  He is a year younger than me, which is inevitable when you are an eternal intern... I'm always the oldest!  Anyway, he is super cute and super sweet and I think it is time for me to kindle an office romance.  Most importantly, he is leaving in a couple of weeks to return to school (he is doing his MFA at USC ) and that means that if doesn't work out I don't have to endure an awkward office atmosphere.    Win!

Stay tuned for an update ;)



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