Saturday, August 13, 2011

Love is in the Air

Hi Girls,
I have a problem and I need your expert opinion.  I didn't mention it when I got back from Milan because I wasn't quite sure what to make of the situation, but now I see that I am in a bit of a predicament!  One night in Milan, after many hours of work, we went out to dinner with the Italian team.  Always the playboy, my boss ordered numerous bottles of champagne and wine for the table.  After dinner, we decided to head to great local spot for more drinks. Eventually everyone else went home, but my boss and I stayed on and made a night of it.  Needless to say, I was a MESS the next day!  I don't really remember what we talked about it must have been something special because apparently my boss has not forgotten that night.  I have no recollection!

Well, the plot thickens!  Last night, after a company dinner, I was walking home through the Tuileries with my boss (he is my neighbor don't forget!).  With the Eiffel tower sparkling behind me, he stopped me, took my hands and told me that he is in LOVE with me!  Yes, you heard correctly, my boss professed his feelings for me!  Granted he had had a lot to drink, but the man is convinced that we are meant to be... and it all stems from that night in Milan!  Oh my god.  What am I going to do!?  1.  He's my boss.  2.  He has a girlfriend who after 8 years is expecting a proposal and 3.  HE'S MY BOSS!  Why me?!  I am dreading Monday like the plague.  What if he fires me because he is too embarrassed to work with me again?  Or worse, what if he makes things really uncomfortable by trying to "win me over"?

Oh la la, things just got mighty complicated in la vie d'Ophelia!

Bisous xx Ophelia

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  1. I really connot wait to see how this progresses, please update soon. So friggin awesome,it's like reading a book.



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