Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Eternal Betrayal

Hola O and R,

OGM O. are you serious?? That is unreal…so what happened yesterday?
Was it an awkward Monday back at the office? How do you feel?? Wait I can’t even believe I just asked that question – he’s your boss! Haha, well if you get a promotion anytime soon we’ll know why ;) just joking!

I don’t want to always be the bearer of bad news, but I may have to change the subject to a more sour note for a second…I’ve got a little more news about what went down with el novio. Yes after nearly 2 weeks I’ve finally been able to speak with el novio. He sounds shaken up as well….Why did he disappear, abandon, break up with me?

Allegedly, things were going to fast for him….bullshit.

After his internship in London he realized how much there is to life and how there is so much he has yet to see and discover. He loves me he says…bullshit….but he can’t be with me right now because he wants to experience so much more before he settles down…can you believe it??? Oh but he did end the conversation by saying that he hoped that in a few years I would still be around for him, because at that point he would finally be able to get married, have kids, settle down…..WTF?!!?!?!?!?

I heard that and hung up. I hung up about 10 minutes ago and since then I’ve been siting immobilized at my desk. I can’t believe it. How selfish. How egocentrical. How incredibly mean.
Ok I don’t know what to do. I think I may go out for some air…I think I am seriously going to start crying now….How the hell can I focus let alone work with all this bullshit going on?? 

When did break ups ever become so hurtful?? It literally feels as though my heart is being shred into slivers…

Guys, again, I’m so sorry to bore you with this…this is my last rant….I’m so sorry….
O. at least your story made me laugh and smile J I’m thankful to have such good friends! And Rose, keep it up and you'll be running down the beach like a Baywatch babe ;)

I’ll keep you guys posted... Right now I am fueling with anger like a crazy bull ahhhhhh!!!



  1. What a crap thing for him to do. Objectively, it sounds like he wanted out and that was the easiest excuse. But it's a lame excuse. You can see and experience the world with someone, very easily. Such a jerk.

  2. I'm not siding with your boyfriend but think of it as saving you from further hurt. I think sometimes we wake up and have an epiphany that we want to do other things and having a relationship complicates everything. I think its mature of him to max out his youth card before settling down. with the economy, its better to save some money before settling down.

  3. OMG that totally sucks. He's a douchebag. He'll miss you in a couple of weeks or months fact. In my opinion it's not worth it at all, you shouldn't be with someone that treats you like that or thinks you're replaceable, or something on the mantle. Not cool. i know how shabby break ups are, my bf and i had a really bad one a few months back, and it literally shattered me into pieces. But it does get easier, and better with time. Writing and ranting out all the shit i felt really helped. xxx



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