Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pool Side Productions

Ladies, I'm sorry about the current state of your love lives, but I am sorrier for myeslf that I don't even have one!  However, I have some fun news... I have a new, paid, kick-ass internship!

So a few weeks ago I met a director that came in to do an episode of the show that I was working on and I was designated to be his intern.  Well, things went really well and he asked me if I wanted to come and get some experience at his office... which happens to be located in his pool house!  He lives in Beverly Hills in a beautiful house off of Sunset Blvd.  This make my commute much more enjoyable as well because I can completely avoid the freeway and just drive over one of the Canyons! 

I am basically working in the office covering the phones and screening calls.  I have also been helping him with diary arrangements and setting up meetings with various producers.  He does have a full time assistant and she seems to be really fabulous and is not threatened by my prescence so she has really been amazing with the induction process. 

Sometimes when I look outside the window and see the sun shining on his peanut shaped pool, I seriously think back to growing up in sub-zero weather in Toronto and I feel truly blessed! 

Lots of love.

xxx Rose

P.S.  My pay hasn't gone up from previous internship, but it hasn't gone down either!

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