Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Adventures in LA LA Land!

Hi girls!
How are things?  Rose, I have a few people to add to that list!  Flora, we missed you in LA last week!

Rose took me all over town, I had the quintessential LA experience!  A screening of The Muppets (loved it!)  Drinks at Beacher's Madhouse and Soho House!  Dinner at Matsuhisa with my amazing friend R and her adorable son O and many a breakfast at the Chateau Marmont (my fave!)! But it wasn't all play, of course there were my meetings.  I was there to work, remember!  Ha!

Now I am back in Paris where my situation has not changed.  My boss and Damien bonded even more while I was away and I continue to be a persona no grata on most business lunches and meetings.  It is actually fine as I cannot stand the pretentious, self-absorbed snob (Damien) anyway but way to bump me out!   As for the other "situation," that is most definitely in the past.  I'm over it.

Adding to my list of complaints, I am facing a working weekend with Damien this week.  How will I be able to spend all day Saturday and Sunday alone with him in the office?!  I can't even take 5 minutes with him!  Ugh!  He may be easy on the eyes but he is a pain in the ass!

Bisous xx Ophelia


  1. sounds like you guys had a wonderful time! i want to visit you guys next year if you are willing to meet and advise! i am a huge fan of the blog. i might be in LA in may.

  2. Anytime! Just contact us via our email :)



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