Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Indifferent Intern


How are you?  Flora, I am jealous of your cute intern, I think I need one of those!  And Rose, dearest Rose!  You have so much to be proud of, this coming year will be sensational, I know it!  In other news, I cannot believe you ran into Julie KT.  What a bitch!  When you see her next be sure to tell her that Ophelia does NOT say hello still hates her guts!  ha!

Nothing new to report on my end.  The boss and I were in London for a few days last week (He had a meeting and I was dying for a trip to Liberty!).  It was wonderful!  A few days of work and then a weekend to play!  Have I mentioned I love my job?!  Well, that's not entirely true.  My job bores me but I love working for someone who just won't say no!  That said, everyone else in the office is definitely starting to dislike me, but what do I care?!  And Rose, I know you're concerned but relax... It will be fine!  The second he falls out of love with me I'll move on!  And I won't think twice about it!

And while on the subject, in case you're wondering, absolutely nothing is happening between the two of us!  I would tell you if it was anything more than an infatuation on his end.  As for me, I remain indifferent.  En plus, the man has a fiancĂ©e!  I may be many things but a home-wrecker is not one of them!

I'm in Paris this weekend so give me a shout if you're still not convinced!

Bisous xx Ophelia

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  1. Ophelia, can I just say that I want your life!?



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