Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Who Said Looks Don’t Count?

I have found him! Yes, me, ex-Eternal Intern has finally found her dream intern!
It’s been tough…long…fun! And now I have found him!

Not only is he totally qualified, has previous internship experience and has a great and fun personality, but he’s not gay (so rare in this industry and so good for me!!! just joking!!) and totally cute!

He came in for an interview last week and when I met him outside the elevator I nearly fainted….Clearly I was more nervous than him for the interview! He was super chill (but not too chill you know?) with a little touch of seriousness and seems super for the position, and as an office mate ;)

I don’t know what it is, but for the very first time since this f***ing break up, I’m finally starting to find happiness and joy again, and I gues the radar has started working again J

I reassure you this is strictly a professional hire ;) The cuteness only helped me make my decision to take him on…..

More news later…he starts next week!


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