Monday, October 10, 2011

Happily Ever After

Oh lord!  You are both debating work romances.  Snap out of it ladies!

As my bday approaches I am having my annual existential crisis.  I have literally been thinking about the meaning of life every day for the last week.  I wish it were as simple as me being satisfied with I think therefore I am...  But I wouldn't be an Eternal Intern if that was enough.

This time last year I had moved up to an assistant... how did I get back to interning?  Thank the lord that at least  my internship is paid at the moment!  I couldn't imagine having to go back to working at Trader Joe's and Urth Cafe to support my eternal intern life!

Perhaps I should have just started out in the mailroom of an agency and stuck it out and progressed within one company.    Perhaps I should have just endured that producer and his dogs that made my life a bit of a nightmare.  Perhaps, I should have taken some more time off to write.  I did finish my first feature script, but what good did that too? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...

Really wishing that life could be a beautiful Disney movie right about now.  Though I have enjoyed every minute of this roller coaster ride, on this birthday I will be wishing for my Happily Ever After... 

xxx Rose

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