Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Eternally Growing List

Ophelia, I can't wait to see you!  Send me your flight details please!  I know that you can expense a taxi cab, but I won't have it.  I will be picking you up.  Just look for the hunk of sh*t, rusted car!  (I wish I were joking...)

You ladies know that I like lists.  I am an organization and control freak.  I like to make lists for everything.  It helps me calm down.  I even like to make lists of the lists.  Well, one of my lists keeps growing by the day in this city of sharks.  That would be my F**k You List.  This list is comprised of all the people that have either doubted me, back stabbed me, or in any way brought me down during my eternal intern adventures.

Well today the list has grown by 1.  Mr. Alexander.  I met him at the young hollywood party at CAA a few weeks ago and we got on brilliantly. I told him that I work for a director from the office pool house.  He assists a couple of lit agents.  He has been sending me job postings from his tracking boards every day and we have met up for 'work drinks' a few times as well.  Really great guy... until last night!

We went out with a few of his friends, which was great because I got to meet more assistants in the industry.  I looked great, he looked great, we were laughing and exchanging stories and then he said the four words that anyone in my position dreads the most when introducing what I do to his friends... "Still Just An Intern."  

"F**k you!" I thought.

And that is the story of how Mr. Alexander, within a few moments,  went from potential romance and good friend to the newest addition to my F**k You List.  



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