Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Generational Phenomenon

Girls it is indeed hard to keep one's head up high at times, when an Eternal Intern...I've been quite positive lately because all has been going well and I'm enjoying my new internship incredibly, but I do have to admit it's very tough at times! Once again, however, one thing that does make me feel less sad at times is knowing that we're not the only ones out there...
Last night, in fact, I was at the most wonderful dinner party hosted by my wonderful friend G. - a little reunion 1.5 years post-Master-graduation! The food was brilliant, the music divine, the views of the Hudson breathtaking...but the most enjoyable was the conversation, the laughing, (the drinking) and the realization that being an Eternal Intern has become quite a phenomenon in our generation.

6 of us were present and of the 6, 3 are employed and in the 3 remaining: 1 is funemployed, 1 is on a fixed-duration contract and one is an Eternal Intern (moi!)...50/50! In a group of 6, the reality is already quite shocking (especially given the reputation of the school our dear Master's were obtained from...its historically high rank on all international rankings...and the cum laude distinctions 3 of the group obtained!)...but imagine with a group of 500 grads?

Of course many factors come into play. My 3 friends who are "Eternally Employed" had a focused direction post-grad - they knew what they wanted to do and went for it directly post-grad. The 3 remaining friends (myself included) had a less focused view...more artistic (can you say?) in their approach...more poetic? hehe!

Despite these different approaches however, it is still undeniable that the classes of summer 2008 and 2009 grads really were hit with a slap in the face upon graduation. Within these 2 years, a 'generation of Eternal Interns' was born...victims of the recession, the crisis, the economy and consequently the down-turn in employment, Eternal Interning really has become a phenomenon all too common today... I'm hoping things will change for the class of 2010...but until then it is sometimes comforting to know that we're not alone out there!

Keep your heads up high my friends! Ophelia, you will triumph - that I have no doubt of ;)

Bisous les filles I'm off to a warehouse sale (all my fave brands at delusional prices!! will recount pronto!),

Flora xoxo

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