Sunday, February 7, 2010

An Un-Invited Intern...

Rose - at least you were invited to the party!! And potentially could have gotten in!!

I totally forgot to tell you girls about my adventures post-dinner Friday night! It was a fabulous evening, filled with fun...but horror hit at about 3:45am trying to get into "THE" place to be in NY...As I had mentioned, the dinner at G's was ab-fab! Between les amuses-bouches 'trop bon', the oh-so French Bordeaux (circa 2004) and the laughing (what a work out!) - our mini-reunion was a success! Post-successful dinner, filled with excitement from back in the day...we did what we used to do: jumped into a cab to the following soiree (as one is simply just not enough!).

I thought 2010 would be a year of maturity (perhaps less fiestas...) and I even spoke to you girls earlier this year about how with my 2*th birthday, the days of bar hopping were over...well...not quite...

The following soiree we went to was fabulous as well...I was, however, absolutely not dressed for the affair.  We found ourselves at the concert of a friend-of-a-friend...a small indie group from Paris: Les Pooms. Brilliant stuff, good sound, but my Barbour jacket, riding boots, Levis jeans and general 'farm-girl' appearance was not quite in line with the LES hipsters surrounding me. Nevertheless we had a blast...
And the blast was accentuated, when a friend proposed we go to "The Box"...

She apparently knew someone who knew someone who could get us in (always the same story...I'll know better next time...)...Bref, my partying stint continued...we jumped into yet another cab and headed over to Chrystie st...We arrived insanely confident...I forgot about my 'farm-girl-like' appearance...and we strutted our greatest struts to the door...

My dear Rose, if only I had had a 'real' invitation...if only my friend's friend was actually legit...instead I faced the humiliation one so rarely wishes to face...the humiliation that at 3:30am - a little, a lot, tipsy off of one too many verre de vin - you forget can ever happen...

The bouncer kindly looked at again...head to toe...glared me in the eyes...looked at my friends...and said........."you, No"...with a capital N.

Phieuuuffff a small blow in the ego...a small reminder to not wear the Barbour out to a club ever again...haha.  I could have argued, I could have begged, I could have faught my cause...but it is well known to never fight one's cause with a bouncer...their word is final, and if you don't have that proper 'invitation' you'll just have to keep waiting in line!

I'll keep trying tho! Haha! I'm not one to back down from a challenge. And, the same way this Eternal Intern will keep fighting for Eternal Employment, she will also keep fighting to get back into "The Box". Haha  That said, I am dead tired for a nap...this weekend was too much for this 2*th year old intern!

Bisous les filles,

Flora xoxo


  1. Oh no! That sux about your "rejection". Well, I bet the party wasn't that fun anyways ;)

  2. that is an amazing story! haha.. i'm sorry it happened to you... but amazing nonetheless! i love you and miss you
    xxx rose

  3. i don't understand that. London clubs have a cloakroom to hang your stuff. So it doesn't matter what you're wearing. how dare that bouncer!



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