Friday, March 5, 2010

'Pop' le Champagne a Paris

Coucou Rose!!

I'm writing you from Paris!! Where I'm finally back with my dear O.!! It's such a thrill to be back...especially in the middle of Fashion Week! The city is abuzz...everyone is running around...on the the the streets...c'est la folie!!

I have to admit, this is my first Fashion Week a j'adore!!

I've been quite MIA...but I do believe my excuse is valid, non?

Rose, Fashion Week pour le monde de la mode a Paris is idem to the Oscars for you Hollywood folks!! Thus, I can imagine the excitement on your part of the planet...and although I'm the not the greatest Tarantino fan...through your affiliation I'm rooting you guys on!!

As for me and O, we have quite the weekend ahead of us!! Through her new gig at "Le" Fashion mag and my parties in Parigi, we barely have any time to stop! I think the craziness of being so busy is definitely recomforting her in her decision to have taken this latest internship gig up! And who knows...perhaps new connections, new ideas, and new experience could one day lead her to create a mag of her own! On ne sait jamais!

Mais bref, last night was a late late night...we had the E. Mag Soiree de la folie...yes la folie...followed by the V. cocktail...even more debauchery!! Tomorrow is JPG's show...tonight is a blur and in between all this I will have my 2 crazy amazing parties to execute!! The bar is high...especially in this city of lights, but I'm up for it!

Rose I seriously can't write much you can tell my perpetual perplexion has ceased...well just for a short while perhaps hehe!! And I'm just enjoying every moment I can savour here with O!!

We will send news ASAP!!!

Big bisous de Paris!!

Flora xoxo

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