Friday, May 14, 2010

To Each Their Own

Ophelia! I know so well how you feel! A few internships ago I was relegated to the daily coffee fetching sucks!!! But the same way young M&A analysts work overnight and perform horribly horendous tasks to break into the high powered world of Investment fetching, coat hanging and co, are part of the countless horendously mind-numbing tasks we "fashion", "hollywood", "luxury industry" interns need to face at some point or another to break into these 3 universes! To each their own!

Well, as for myself, I have been happily recovering from last week's incredibuly busy schedule. I've finally had time to, myself, grab a coffee! Things are well at work and Sofia has just been incredibly gracious for all my help last Friday. The "Eternal Employment" question mark, however, is still lurking...and making me quite nervous to tell you the truth.  With only 2 months left here at the X group, I'm starting to properly freak out a little...

On top of that, I'm beginning to do what an intern should never do: compare myself to others.

The golden rule to feeling good and positive, is to never compare oneself and one's achievement to those around you. As my incredible mum used to say: there will always be those with less than you...and those with more. Clearly right now, I'm focusing on those with "more" - those who have the job, the money, the career, the responsibilities, the corporate BBerry (haha to think I bought my own...I'm probably the only person in NY to have done so...)...Bref I'm starting to feel a little crappy compared to others...

Even compared to el novio...He's so brilliant and so fabulous and how the hell has he been able to do so well so young!! A full-time job at 24, expatriated at 25, MBA at 27, insanely incredible internship overseas...incredible prospects ahead!! I'm def gonna drill him for tips tonight!

I mean how the hell is it that I can't seem to get my hand on anything! I've litterally done everything by the book...sure I've had a few stumbling stones thrown my way...but still!!

Ok, Flora, wake up! The worst thing I can do is lament and regret and recreate the world by saying "how things could have been"...I have to stop f*cking comparing and lamenting!!!! I am a fabulous 2* year old girl and I know things will get better!! I know it!

Ok chicas, let's try to start this day on a positive foot!! I have much to tell you about a little project I've started working on again, but I'll save that for next time! In the meantime I'm off for an early morning chat with el novio before I jet for work...we're still trying to figure out logistics for this summer and being fully "transatlantic interns" together!

Lots of love,

Flora xoxo

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