Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An Intern Faster than...a Google Alert!

Ophelia! Chin up, head high! Who cares about that witch! Don't let her intimidate you - she's not worth your time! you know, lately I've been having a little trouble with getting people at work to acknowledge my new "non-intern" status, and I've been having my own conundrums with interns in the office... Let's just say that this ex-Eternal Internal was having a little trouble vith zee "interns"...that is...however...until now.

I just started working on a new event (gonna be awesome - linked to Art Basel Miami, but that's another email!), and I've lured a new intern to help me out since yesterday (the duffous that was rude last week is out...well for me!). She has been a pearl and blessing...and today...she alerted me on BIG NEWS! She's quicker than a Google Alert! (Maybe I haven't given her enough work...)

Ophelia you may want to cover your eyes (you may not take this news well!). Rose, listen up!

Prince William is engaged!!! Yes, yes! Prince William has announced his engagement to Kate Middleton!

Ok - Ophelia, I know this is tough...I know you were secretly hoping day...yes one day he would realize you were THE ONE (hehehe) but sorry miss, Middleton is the gal!

My little intern (well she's taller than me...)...was also quite depressed. I reassured her that Harry was still available, but that didn't seem to calm her spirits...what's up with that?! I'd take the little brother any day...

Interestingly enough, the entire office is seeming a little off today. Everyone has tuned into CNN... BBC... Everyone is gossiping...some almost seemed to be crying (tough to tell if they're sad he's off the market, or happy he's engaged!) It's insane! How can a Royal Engagement so easily paralyze an entire office! I guess it doesn't help that 90% of us are women and the 10% remaining are gay 30 year old men... But still! That's what happens when you work in communications for a feminine mag!! It's a mad-house!

I've sent my little (tall) intern off to run some erands...hopefully a latte can change her mind...

I'll keep you girls posted...but from one 20 something girl to another, Kate Congrats!!


Flora xoxo


  1. haha!

    i learned the news from a friend who decided to come home after 5 years of studying and working in London. I guess it was kind of expected already, and Kate M. is the gal! the parents are millionaires (with the UK in recession) i don't think the queen will have to think about that.
    oh, when I was younger, I used to fancy Will too. but seeing him on telly this morning, he's going bald at 28. but hey! he's the future king and you can't fault the guy.

    Prince Harry may be cute but his antics and no degree will not melt a girls heart away.

  2. I always wished I could secretely be the next "Princess" on William's arm...halas....



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