Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fooled by the Intern

Ophelia, Damien sounds like a real a**! You got there first, don’t forget it and keep protecting your territory!

Monday is the day my new intern started as well. And has he ever spiced things up in the office since he arrived! As I mentioned, he has clearly been gifted by nature in both the brains and looks department, and on top of it all he’s one of the only non-gay guys on the floor…meaning I’m gonna have to keep a very close watch on my new recruit! I thought a hot, smart, interesting intern was going to be the perfect aide – and eye candy to stare at as I get over el novio – and yet, it turns out all of these qualities I so admired in him have turned into his greatest faults!!

The other interns (all girls I may add…) are always hovering around his desk waiting to speak with him…the assistants are all taking him on coffee breaks…and his super personable personality has even gotten the mail guys to call him down for cigarette breaks….all in all it’s impossible to get him to do any work! Monday and Tuesday I was pretty cool and tolerant since he had just started but by Wednesday I was about to burst – I hired the guy to help me out and work with me, not be the social rep for the floor… 

Thursday came around and by the 5th “break” he had taken, I pulled him aside for a “meeting” and sat him down. I was about to start laying down the law, when low and behold out of nowhere he asked me how my friend M. was….from last week!! Last week at Dorian’s…when we accidentally bumped into each other as I was accompanied by my friend M. and I was in a rather “unprofessional” state…OMG! And it doesn’t stop there…he asked me if I minded if he Facebooked her!

What?? Are you kidding?? 
Number 1, we are having a meeting since you are clearly not performing your job well (after less than a week) so this is not the time or place to bring this up... obviously!
I sat there baffled, feeling totally fooled by this so-called “perfect” intern…who now shows one too many cracks. He clearly had gotten the point that he had f****d up yet again…

Let’s see what next week holds…

Flora xoxo


  1. I think you are being a little too harsh on the intern.... Also kind of unprofessional of you. I dunno. A lot of what I saw from both sides seem unprofessional, but unfortunately I have to side with the intern. He just got there, and his personality has gotten in the way, clearly you might want him in a different role, you could take him aside, and just tell him he needs to learn how to say the word no. Then if it happens again in the next few days it might be time to find a new intern, but seeing that it was the first few days. That is very vrey harsh. I've interned in many different countries, but the US takes the cake of wanting everyone to work as robots or look busy. Also were you clear on what you needed help with or is the burden of discovery on the intern?

  2. Thanks, Keith. Always good to hear from another intern on the matter.



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