Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ladies Who Power Lunch

Hello my dear girls,
I hope you're both well.  Flora, take me with you on your International Drifting... I need to get away (from Victoire!).  Rose, I'm going to have to side with Flora... Tattoos are far too permanent for my taste.

In other news, guess who is going to be in New York this weekend?  Moi!  I am heading home for the Easter weekend and also on a pseudo-business trip!  Here's the deal...  Victoire and the fashion director were supposed to go to New York together, but V. (always the clever one) has a sketchy on the side styling gig that she accidentally scheduled for this weekend!  Le resultat: Victoire is stuck in Paris and the editor is going without her!  Knowing that I would be in New York (aka not requiring a plane ticket), she asked if I could accompany her to a lunch with her former colleague and fellow editor S.B.  To be perfectly honest, I don't think I'll serve any purpose at the lunch, but there is no way I'm turning down this opportunity!

While I'm lunching with ladies who power-lunch, Victoire is surely going to be planning my demise in Paris.  For a woman with as much experience as her, she still makes very rookie (and costly) decisions and has such a chip on her shoulder towards the interns!  What a world it would be if I came back to find that she has been fired and I have been promoted in her place!  A girl can dream!  And until that day, I'll just enjoy my very first faux-business trip to New York and my completely unnecessary-but-oh-so-kind pity lunch with my boss and her friend.  It doesn't take much to make me happy!  haha!

Flora, clear your schedule!  We have lots of shopping and lunching to do!  I hear it's going to be GORGEOUS in the city ce weekend

Bisous x x x Ophelia

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Daydreaming and International Drifting

Rose!! You know my opinion!! That tatoo is gonna be there for LIFE!!! I know it's likely more of a west coast thing, but ahhh the thought of being pinched by a little needle hundreds of times for a tatoo (that will be there for life...yes I repeat lol!) just does not appeal to me all that much!! How will you feel when your 50??? Ahhhhh!!! I dunno!! It's a tough one!! I know!

Between tatoo parlours in Hollywood and crazy groupie parties in Paris, my goodness you two are clearly living a 'rock and roll' lifestyle!

I wish I could say the same for myself, but lately, I've been a little more low key! As for my latest encounter with V...I did indeed run into her at work today...but luckily she turned down a hall-way before we crossed paths...

It's not like I can get mad at her, or tell her off...I just want to make her understand, next time, subtely, that she can't take advantage of me (or the other interns!) the way she does..."Respect" is the key word she should try and learn...or, even better..."Treat others as you want to be treated".

Bref les filles...having spent part of Sunday and last night focused on the 'so-called' job search (yes, I'm still on track and focused...) I've gone a little stir-crazy in my studio and am dreaming of an escape... images of Vanuatu, thus come to spirit...

Vanuatu, is a paradisiac series of islands in the middle of the Pacific ocean, surrounded by New Zealand, Australia and New Calodonia...not too far from the absolutely mesmerizing Fiji islands...I warn you two, however, it would be impossible to envisage a 'rock and roll' lifestyle there...zen, peace, tranquility and surf is what defines the lifestyle here...

It's also an island my cousin J. calls home. Imagine? Yes, it's true, he lives a paradisiac life...From surfing to ultimate tournaments on the fishing and drinking out of a coconut...J. really has hit the high life!

He's a brilliant boy degree and all, and he has never been confronted with Eternal Interning... that is, because directly, post-diploma, J. decided to escape and head far (far) Vanuatu! He's now set up an amazing gig over there...a coffee plantation!! Managed, run and him! He's definitely hit the Eternal and all the 'proceeds' (hehe) deriving from the sales falling straight into his bank account....ah the life....

Ok, Flora quit dreaming...back to international drifting quite yet....and no you can't yet escape to Vanuatu and set up camp...get a job dammit!!!!!!!


Flora xoxo

Rose With Blossoms?

Dearest Eternal Interns,
I have been daydreaming at work for the last couple of days whilst my boss is out of town.  I wish all work days were like this!  Well, not really because I am a workaholic, but you know what I mean... 

I have already dreamt about my upcoming vacation (whenever that is) and now I have moved on to a more important issue...  I want another tattoo!
I am thinking of getting some cherry blossoms on or near my ribcage.  What do you guys think?  Please let me know... I want/need some feedback!  The temptation is so great in LA, where 80% of the population has a tattoo, or two, or three...

I'm off to read my friend's script now ... so far I love the title! 

xxx Rose

Monday, March 29, 2010

Party Like a Rock Star

Hey girls, It's Monday and I am sitting at my desk feeling oh so sorry for myself.  I used to be able to party like a rock star, but I just don't have it in me anymore.  I am still completely and utterly exhausted from the weekend!  So what did I get up to?  It was action-packed to say the least.

On Friday, the boyfriend and I went to check out the Toronto-based band the One Look Donnybrook.  The boys are old friends and in a bizarre twist of luck, they were playing at a bar only a few blocks from my apartment.  The bar was rammed and the band was amazing!  Such a talented group of guys! And don't even get me started on the clothes!  Lead singer Mauro R. was wearing the most incredible vintage jacket!  When they finished their set, we hung by the bar and caught up over a few drinks.  And by "a few" I mean "a few too many"!  Like any good rockers, those boys are a bad influence!  After too many tequila shots to count your good friend Ophelia was looking less Jackie Kennedy and more Courtney Love (OK, maybe not that bad!). 

I awoke on Saturday morning with a tequila-induced headache and a text message from the One Look Donnybrook reminding us that Mauro was celebrating his birthday that night.  I definitely had a moment of hesitation wondering if Old Ophelia could pull off two rock star nights in a row, but as I started to plan my Mick Jagger-inspired outfit in my head, I got more and more pumped.  We arrived at the boys' apartment (they rented out a gorgeous flat with a full balcony and breathtaking views of Paris) and before I could even remove my (leather) jackets, guitarist Erik M. was pouring us glasses of champagne and shots of tequila!  As the night got messier, singer Tyler O.  belted out a few tunes and I even got a quick lesson from drummer Roy B. (I was terrible!)! It was an incredible night of musicians, models and Moet!   At 5am, with smudged black eyeliner, a raspy voice and looking more rock star than ever before,  I staggered home to bed!

What a weekend!  

Bisous x x x Ophelia

I Want A Hot Tub

I am very much surprised with the weekend's Box Office Results... I would have bet money on the fact that Hot Tub Time Machine would have come in 1st grossing about $35mil.  Instead it made about $13.6mil and came in 3rd.

This movie, in my opinion, is the best comedy since The Hangover!  It is extremely fun to watch and absolutely hilarious. I cared for each and every one of the characters... especially John Cusack!  I have been in love with John Cusack since Gross Point Blank.

I'm curious to know how this high concept comedy sits with a younger audience, aka anyone born after 1989.  I shall ask my interns today what they thought, because I believe that the older actors and 80s jokes might be before their time, and therefore not have the same degree of appeal to this younger audience.

Also, how could one go wrong with the F*** up best friend?  This is the key for any successful, comedic all-male ensemble.  Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover and similarly Will Ferrell in Old School and now Rob Corddry for Hot Tub Time Machine.  Classic!

Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

xxx Rose

p.s.  Flora, remember to always keep the enemy close!  And She who laughs last laughs longest!
p.p.s.  To answer your question... no I have not taken any steps toward a vacation YET!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Face to Face with the Enemy

Hey girls! I just wanted to say coucou and see how you two are doing! I'm meeting D. at Felix for brunch in a bit...yes, a late brunch! It's been a while since I saw her last, so hopefully I'll have fun tales to regale you with later!!

To answer your question Rose, no, I've never used 'messenger' at work! It must be a west coast thing, because over here, even getting simple access to messenger, facebook, gmail  & co is crazy tough! No luck here!! But, Rose, you didn't update us on your Big Master Plan!! Have you quit yet?? If not, when is the big day?? How are you going to do it?? Excited to hear!!

Et ma chere O! Comment vas-tu toi?? Was it another disco night last evening?? Hehe!!

Yesterday, I ended up working ALL day! Yes you heard me correctly - ALL day! We have had so much work lately, and an event yesterday afternoon. My Saturday, thus, began at 7am on the 6 train to get ASAP to work and head off, yet again to the Hamptons for the day...I'm not going to complain, who would complain about the Hamptons on a Saturday??? But, in my current state of mind (obsessed with finding a job!) I felt guilty being out there and not here, behind my desk, looking for smtg!

Regardless, I did manage to relax and have fun! We organized a brilliant lunch followed by an afternoon cocktail, under a pristine white tent lit by the most gorgeous crystal chandeliers and moroccan inspired lanterns, and decorated with massive bouquets of white hydrangeas...Absolutely breathtaking...

Absolutely breathtaking that is, until out of the corner of my eye (once again) I saw V...yet fellow high school class-mate...who I've never been fond of...and who has funny enough managed to crawl her way through her parents' Rolodex to her friggin-full-time position!

She came straight up to me...fake-air-kiss yet again...And not even a minute later began to give me orders...Yes, you heard me correctly...the 2* year-old little tyke of a tytan, began to give me orders! How dare she!!

Since Sofia was around, however,the reality is that like a puppy answering to its master, I bowed my head and actually followed the so-called-tyrant's orders. I felt humiliated, ashamed, disgraced - but I couldn't let me pride stand in the way of my awesome reputation. Yet again the Eternal Employee triumphs over the Eternal Intern...

Yesterday's antics most definitely confirmed how much of a vilain, that f***ing pain really is. I hadn't seen her around at X Group too much lately, and I really hope I don't run into her Monday morning - disaster could blow ;)

I'm feeling much better today. I didn't want that girl to get me down. Yesterday was a success - so it's better to forget that little pest and focus on the positive...although let me tell you...face to face with the Devil (or V. in this instance...) it's not always that easy!

Ok chicas I must run! D. is waiting! More news to come from work...


Flora xoxo

Friday, March 26, 2010

Eternally Messaging

Flora, I am loving your new found focus!  You go girl!  Ophelia, how are things in the world of the fashion magazine?  I want to hear more about what it is you do daily in your new department.    Flora, I am so happy that you had such a wonderful time with your man and even more glad that you guys took some time away from all the B.S. that takes over our lives on a daily basis.  I am looking forward to the day when we can start going on triple dates again!  Ha... probably a man's worst nightmare...

Do you guys use instant messenger in the office? 
Yesterday I realized the extent of which IM has taken over offices in Hollywood!  I literally chat with assistants in all the offices that we work with, in all the offices we don't work with,  and even in our very own office!  I feel like I am always IMing with other assistatnsts and executives. 

It feels very much like something Captain Von Trapp would be proud of.  No calling each others names in the office... simply IMing will do!  What does this say about how our society is evolving?

Sometimes I catch myself saying one thing verbally to the other assistant sitting across from me in our production office so that people can hear, but secretly I am IMing her about how I really feel about a situation and vice versa. 

Does this happen in your offices?  I feel like it is a little out of control...

Would you consider this FAD as a means of making us MORE or LESS social?
On the one hand, I probably would not be able to connect with many of the people I currently chat with on a daily basis if it wasn't for IM.  On the other hand,  how normal is this kind of interaction?  Wouldn't it be healthier if I was forced to make more of an effort?

Also, why does an office space need to be kept so quiet that bosses are reduced to simply IMing with their assistants and no longer need to converse with them!

I often wonder what kind of atmosphere a production office from a few decades earlier would have, and if I would prefer the way things were...  sigh...

xxx Rose

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Step by Step

Ophelia! Good for you! You show Victoire who the diva really is!! What a fun-packed weekend it was indeed!

As for you Rose, I think you've got an amazing plan ahead! But my big question is - when are you quitting?? how are you gonna quit?? are you nervous?? Ahhh I would be a little anxious - but honestly going by how you describe your boss, I'm backing you up 100%!

While you two are partying like it's 1972...and soon-to-be-roadtripping like it's 1968...I'm indeed still reflecting on the future and still sticking to my Eternal Employment plan.

I'm tackling this Eternal Employment search, however, a little differently than in the past...I've decided to take the step-by-step approach...and not simply cold-turkey...

Perhaps I should explain...See, this internship at the moment is fabulous. I can't complain. I love my work, my peers, everything! The focus to find a job, thus, is difficult! But I know that I need/want to! It's simply like quitting love it, but you also know you've gotta quit and move forward at some point (quickly!!)...

Ok, the comparison is quite weak...but 'tis true, my search is moving forward bit by bit.

Step 1 - decide to focus on job search (this happened at my dear friend's party...bah humbug...)
Step 2 - gather all necessary documents (CV...this happened Sunday)
Step 3 - update all necessary documents...(My mission of Monday...)
Step 4 - start checking where to send CVs...(I think I started this yesterday..hmmmm)
Step 5 - shoot...I haven't yet gotten to that step...but it's approaching! Tomorrow!

One thing is certain: I'm determined and I know that things will work out this time! They must!

On that I am to do research...yes you heard me right...I'm heading off to complete Step 5 of my step-by-step Eternal Employment regime...

Big Bisous!

Flora xoxo

Monday, March 22, 2010

Who Said Disco Was Dead?


I hope you're both well!  I feel like we haven't spoken in ages and I have fun tales from the weekend to share!  On Saturday, I was invited to a Studio 54-themed goodbye party for one of the editors.  I had never really given the 70s and the legendary disco much thought, but it just kept coming up in conversation last week! A few days ago, I spoke to a friend in Toronto who is interning at FASHION Magazine.  The lucky little bugger got to attend the Halston Heritage launch hosted by Sarah Jessica Parker! Anyway, my sweet friend C and I started talking about all the crazy characters (including the Halstonettes!) who frequented Studio 54 and how amazing it would have been to see them all decked out in Halston living the high life!  I can't even imagine what it must have been like, but all the talk of Halston and Studio 54 gave me a Saturday Night Fever... 

As you can imagine, I was actually quite amazed that the interns were invited to the party.  It was a huge deal after all!  And I wasn't the only one who was shocked: Victoire almost choked on her Chardonnay when she saw me walk into the room.  She was also totally unimpressed jealous of my best Halstonette-inspired outfit, perfectly fitting for the amazing party!  My platforms were a mile high, I had false lashes out to here and of course, like any good disco diva, I wore a fabulous halter jumpsuit!  Diana Ross, Bianca Jagger and Anjelica Huston would be proud! 

Girls, let me tell you, the party was divine!  There was a massive dance floor, a spinning disco ball and the booze flowed like it would have back in the Studio 54 heyday!  It was extravagant and decadent, a perfect recreation of the glitz and glamour of the 1970s.  We danced the night away until I (once again) overdosed on champagne.  I guess this dancing queen is a little out of practice!  Anyway, when I left the party was still raging and that sullen Victoire was brooding in a corner. Even in a different decade she's a dud!  Regardless, I had a fabulous night socializing with my (completely drunk) colleagues and if they remember their intoxicated praise and promises, I could be looking at Eternal Employment...  

Bisous x x x Ophelia 


Sunday, March 21, 2010

3D Alice!


I finally saw Alice In Wonderland at the El Capitan.  It was a beautiful experinece and Mia Wasikowska does a phenomenal job as Alice!  The casting stuck out as being particularly brilliant.  Anne Hathaway as the White Queen, Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen, Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter... they were all phenomenal in their roles.  However, the casting choice that was genius and spot on is Alan Rickman as the Blue Caterpillar!  In all, great ensemble.

The score was quite simple and not one of Danny Elfman's greatest, but it did the job.  You can't really go wrong with Danny Elfman for a Tim Burton movie.  

I still have not decided how I feel about 3D, but Avatar and Alice have definitely pushed me along in the direction of becoming a fan.  When a movie integrates the idea of 3D into the story telling and the directing, so that it doesn't feel like an unecessary addition, it works quite well and definitely enhances the movie going expereince.  The problem is that, many individuals view this technology as a way to make more at the box office and do not take the time to consider what 3D actually contributes to their stories.

xxx Rose

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Flora, there is nothing more refreshing than a new source of inspiration to get you going!  I'm sure you will find the perfect gig soon enough.  I think we are kind of lucky to be new in our respective careers in this economy, because something I have realized is that one can always find a good assistant gig!  What separates us from many other candidates is that we have an extra fresh perspective on life... an E.I. perspective! In fact, I think one of the most exciting parts of looking for a new job/internship is realizing that the world is at your fingertips and there really IS so much out there if you only take the time to devote yourself to the search.  I do agree, however, that we have 3/3... just sounds like your friend might have 3.5/3! 

My weekend has been a bit of a disaster!  I have literally been working 24/7... I don't know what to do about it, because my job position has evolved into one of a personal assistant.. .on call at every moment, but of course my salary has not gone up to compensate.  I am now making slightly more than my initial promotion, but not enough to be working through the weekends! 

I woke up Saturday morning by a phone call from the airport demanding that I make the impossible happen!  It was a complete Entourage/Devil Wears Prada scenario.  I then spent the entire day on the phone explaining to people what it is that I needed to happen... and of course at 2am this Sunday morning he called me to inform me that he was unhappy... and that I better take care of it.  At 5am this morning I had to get on the phone again with some travel agents and get the rest of his itinerary sorted.  The entire thing is a hot mess and I am right in the middle of it!  I never signed up for this.  I am grateful for the experience, but I am definitely being taken advantage of.

Worst of all, my mother was visiting me this week and I barely had the chance to spend some quality time with her, because my boss is constantly on my mind!  I am always thinking of what could possibly f*** up!  

I have been incredibely homesick as well lately.  So I have come to a decision... I am taking a long vacation!  I'm giving my two week notice very soon, because P. and I have saved up enough money now to go on a road trip across the States.  We will do it Motel 6 style and do it on our clock! I couldn't be more excited.

Cities that are on the list so far (in no particular order): Dallas, Tennessee, Atlanta, Miami, Washington DC, Boston, NYC!

After that we are also thinking about coming over to Europe for a few weeks!  In all I am thinking about taking 2-3 months off to finish up my script, de-stress, and get into shape!  During this time I will also take my time to find my next gig... but I'm not rushing into anything!

Do you guys think I am crazy?  I think I deserve this!  I need encouragement!

xxx Rose

Brains, Beauty and the Boy

Ophelia! Rose! How is your weekend going?! Recovered from St Patrick's Day??

I just got back from an early Sunday petit dejeuner at my favourite little Pain Quotidien! The stroll up Madison was a wonderful way to start my Sunday morning, and the cafe au lait, a perfect wake up call!

A wake up call for 2 things: #1 yes I'm a little tired post weekend festivities...#2 post-weekend I really need to get my act together and start looking for a job...a real job...a paid job!!

I'll explain - basically, el novio decided to stay in town Wednesday night and leave Sunday morning (to finally get some studying done back at school!)...we spent the most wonderful few days together. Thursday night in fact, we went to a little party at good friend's place in Soho.

Her apartment is sublime. The decor flawless, the location outstanding and her views add on to this...she, herself, is brilliant, working in international marketing for a very well known cosmetics group...she is beautifull (classic, stylish...bref parfaite)...and she even has the guy!!

Brains, beauty and the boy! The three essential elements for so many girls...usually you have 2 out of 3...perhaps even 2.5/3...but she's hit a homerun!!

Bref, walking into her glorious 1bed/1bath/loft-style/floor-to-ceiling windows coop, my jaw-droped (as it always does...) ...Seeing her appear in a brand new Malandrino dress, my jaw-sunk again (not a surprise...) ...Finally hearing that she had just been promoted and was throwing this party as a suprise "moving away to flipping Argentina" soiree, I actually almost fainted.

Yes, oh yes...some do seem to have it all. My fabulous friend clearly seems to be flawless... Once again, let's repeat in unison: she's got the brains, the beauty and the boy...

Ok, so I'm not doing too bad for myself either - in my opinion I've got the 3/3 as well...but the one missing ingredient in my homerun hit is the full-time job...or I'll be honest...the full-time job salary...

Seeing her fab decor, her unreal dress, and her eyes light up with dollar signs as she exclamed she had just been promoted and was to be expatriated to Buenos Aires, I realized that this Eternal Intern has got to get her act together ASAP.

As of now, Flora is on a more Eternal more Eternal Negative Bank more shame or sadness at slanky dinner parties!! We're getting ourselves a real real job!! Eternal Job Search is my mission.

I'm off to search now!! My little cafe au lait was indeed the perfet way to 'wake up' this morning!

Bisous les filles!

Flora xoxo

Thursday, March 18, 2010

East Meets West

St Patrick's Day!! Nobody celebrates it better than my fellow New Yorkers! Every New Yorker wore at least a snippet of green yesterday...and drank at the very minimum one pint of Guiness - probably even my dearest of dear AA women!! lol!!

It's a funny day, but it can also be quite a turbulent day! Between the parade, the bars, the beer and crowds...let's just say I prefer to take it easy on St. Patty's in NY!!

In fact, that's exactly what I did, mis amigas - I had diner with 4 wonderful friends last night! No, not girlfriends for once...but guy friends!!  My 2 wonderful friends from Pakistan Z and H, and A who had flown straight in from Paris that same day, and surprise surprise el novio who decided to make a little surprise stop in New York (I'm guessing the whole Ivy League, beer keg take on St Patty's scared the little Spaniard off campus for the day...hehe!).

Anyhow, it was such a fun dinner! East meets West is a perfect description of our dinner party (funny enough I had chosen Indochine in Soho as our resto du night!!)! Between the french and Spanish being spoken at one end of the table, the english in between and the rest of us trying to grasp a little Pakistani, it was a medley of cultures, languages and all around glorious, wine-enhanced fun!!

An all-boys dinner was also - actually - quite amusing!! A change from the all-girl atmosphere at X Group...Guys are so much more relaxed!! No prise de tetes!! They speak their mind, and they can often be so much simpler to get along with than the ultra-complicated, incredibly susceptible, outrageously sensitive being that is: la femme!! Ophelia, I know you get my point here....Victoire seems like an all around b***h! You need a few guys in your office space to cool things down there...

Bref, just a little email to say, that yes I had a wonderful St. Patrick's! Not at all the 'usual', 'traditional' beer, no green, no crazy Irish jokes...Just a simple dinner, filled with (a little a lot) wine, laughter and stories from all 4 corners of the world....A perfect evening!

Girls I must run! We're working on an event tonight, so I have to get back into form!!


Flora xoxo

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Everyone Is Irish Today!

Happy St. Patrick's Day Eternal Interns

Some of my most cherished memories are from this holiday... especially during college!  The college pubs were always packed by noon and I remember a few extra special moments with you, Flora!   

Now I am enjoying the recycled air of a production office... dreaming of the good old days! 
At least I am getting paid pennies for my labor!  Ha!

Wishing you a memorable St. Patty's day!

xxx Rose

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another One For The Books!

I have now officially hired not 1 but 2 new interns!  One is a student about to graduate from undergrad and the other is slightly older... More of the Eternal Intern type.  I will definitely let you know how it goes... Fingers crossed that I have made wise decisions!  I have never hired anyone before...

AA women are harmless as long as they keep their priorities in line.  Ambition is a healthy attribute for anyone, but when one loses sight of the important things in life, that’s when they evolve into miserable hags (much like Victoire)!  Ophelia, call me crazy... But I suspect that she is not getting any!  Sheesh!

Today was a special day for this Eternal Intern.  I did something that I never thought I would have the pleasure of doing at any point in my career... And to do it so early on... My gosh my heart was filled with joy!  

NOT!  (I’ve been a fan of NOT jokes since Borat)

Today I had the honor of taking the boss’ sick dog to the vet.  I picked it up from the house and spent about 3 hours hanging out with a huge Labrador that weighs almost as much as me!  

Most of the time I was holding my breath and keeping my fingers crossed that it wouldn’t get sick in my car! Then the dog decided to pee all around the vet’s office... 
And when the Dr. asked me if I had brought a stool sample with me, I nearly died laughing... 
Are you kidding me?   
It’s not even my dog!

Well at least I got to be out in the sun for a few hours!

Just another story to add to the joyous career of an Eternal Intern.

Xxx Rose

The Eternally Ambitious Woman

Ophelia! Ma Pauvre! Listen just bouncing back on your email from last night I wanted to extend an invitation to you to come back to NY...why...well... Should you really, sincerely, oh so truly wish to meet a real, veritable, 100%, Interchangeable Woman...please please my dear friend come back to NY!

NY, I believe is the nesting ground for these women...I am serious, the description given in your last email O. is so true for so many women inhabiting the fair island of Manhattan.

MBAs, gym memberships, big mouths yapping a lot of talk about "me this" and "me that," huge Rolodex of so-called friends (or shall we say simple acquaintances...), blackberry managed schedules, and a blackberry typing manicured fingertips is quite a valid description for both these Interchangeable Women and many women of NY.

Now look, I'm not going to bash on NY, or its women - in fact I LOVE NY! It's my unofficial hometown, and going by the 10 year rule, I actually am technically a real Big Apple woman...that said, I do have something to say about some of the women of this city.

So many of them are not only Interchangeable Women...but the world's most Ambitiously Ambitious Women.

In a city of like NY, it's true that one gets incredibly caught up in work, in money, in money again and again...It's a city that never sleeps, and for these AAWomen (meaning Ambitiously Ambitious...haha but perhaps they will need a lil AA later on...) life really is all about work and money.

Most of them spend their lives with these two elements in mind. They fight through high school to get into the ivy league that will then get them the summer internship on Wall Street or on 5th Ave that will then get them the job that will then lead them to an MBA that will finally lead them to a whole other process until they are well into their 30s...even 40s...Their life is dictated by work, more work, money, more money with the bonus...and when they have time, the gym, after work drinks at some fancy "in" bar, the all important manicure once a week between 2 meetings etc...

As you can tell, these women live for work - they don't live for themselves...They are the opposite of me - an Eternal Intern. They have values I just don't understand. And, although we have similar degrees, the same level of education and each, a real drive to work...we do remain remarkably different.

Family, children, husbands, cats and dogs are so low on their list of priorities, and unfortunately most of them clue into how important family life is, well into their 30-40s...Central Park playgrounds are full proof - either through the gray haired mothers nursing their babies or the Hispanic nannies carrying for 3/4s of the children present...

In NY, women's priorities are clearly different...I know I've gone a little off tangent chicas...but writing about the Interchangeable Woman spurred my desire to express my anguish for these women! I so often feel as though they are remote controlled barbie dolls moving step by step towards pre-determined goals, in ultra (to the extreme) J Crew attire and white pearl earrings...

I'm so sorry, but's off my chest...

I must run! But bisous les filles with a more positive update soon!! lol!!

Flora xoxo

Tales from The Dark Side

Hello lovelies,
How are you today?  Any luck finding an intern, Rose?  What a role reversal!  I would be drunk on the power! haha!  Flora, how goes the apartment decorating?   Send us news!

Now ladies, I don't like to vent (actually, I love to vent!), but today I experienced the worst intern treatment in all my years as an Eternal Intern.  The ever-so-delightful-and-pleasant Victoire has really outdone herself today.  I had to pinch myself because I was sure I was trapped in a Devil Wears Prada-inspired nightmare.   Victoire the Villan arrived a whopping hour late for work ce matin with an ugly mood to match her even uglier skirt.  I tried to smile and muster up my most believable "Good Morning," but before the words could even leave my mouth she was barking out orders.  As the other girls scurried off to get coffee and open her mail, I approached cautiously.  Horror of all horrors! The evil villan threw her house keys at me and sent me to walk her yappy, ugly little dog!  Her explanation?  She overslept today and hadn't taken Filou out for his morning stroll!  I looked at her in utter disbelief and the She-Devil actually smiled!  She was entertained!  Heureusement, I was saved by the bell.  Victoire's boss was listening from the door and gave The Evil One a real talking to.  I quickly made my exit, but it went something like this: "Intern's are hired to help with the functioning of the magazine and not to run personal errands.  At X Magazine, we try to teach our interns, not abuse them."  Yeah, V! Read the company manual! ha!  Ophelia -1 Victoire - 0!

The Intern Gods were smiling down on your Ophelia ce matin.  I'm definitely not above paying my dues but a blatant misuse of assistants is both cruel and painfully retro.  Now, either Victoire is truly evil to the core or she suffered unspeakable horrors at the hands of a sadistic boss.  Should I feel sorry for her or despise her (or both!)?  I guess at the end of the day, I just have to struggle through.  As Justin Timberlake said, "what goes around comes around" and I know Victoire will get hers in the end!

Bisous x x x Ophelia

Monday, March 15, 2010

What Would Jackie Do?

Hello mes cheries,
I am reading a great book called What Would Jackie Do? that explains how the fabulous Jackie Kennedy would have handled situations facing women today.  Witty and informative, the book has already helped me get back into the habit of doing things that I was neglecting while suffering the winter blues.  It's the little things like sending notes and making dates with the positive people in my life while definitively cutting out the "life diminishing" elements of my address book. 

My favorite chapter thus far has been on how not to be an Interchangeable Woman (an IW).  What is an IW?  I'm sure you know plenty... 

An Interchangeable Woman is neither memorable nor original.  She talks a lot and may have an MBA - yet manages to say precious little.  Her gym membership is active, and it shows, but her sense of self is altogether weak.  She is quick to please,  slow to question, and often overstays her welcome.  She uses the word "me" too much, and hasn't a clue that others find her redundent.  This shall not be you. 

The IW is all too common in the fashion industry.  She is a deceptive creature because she is pretty, well-dressed and well-educated, and yet she brings absolutely nothing to the table.  Some people may be fooled by her faux charm, but in a world overpopulated by Interchangeable Women, we can only hope that eventually they will be exposed for what they are.  Sure, from an Eternal Intern point of view it seems like these girls are being promoted while we're being overlooked, but in the long run, the captivating and mesmorizing woman breezes past the IW.  In the mean time, it is wiser to focus on not being an Interchangeable Woman,

The Rules According to Jackie: 
1. Be riveted, not just riveting
2. Strut on an invisible red carpet
3. Remember people's names!
4. Pump up the small talk
5. Celebrate selectively (IWs are fixtures at trendy clubs and bars.  Avoid IW hangouts!)

Bisous x x x Ophelia

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Cautionary Tale

Once upon a time there was an Eternal Intern named Ophelia.  Most would agree that she was a reasonable girl, who knew her limits and when to say "non merci."   Those who knew her well however, knew that Ophelia had a dark side....  A few weeks ago, Ophelia received an invitation in the mail for a housewarming party at the home of journalists Stephan et Yvette.  Knowing the couple and their worldly and sophisticated group of friends, Ophelia eagerly counted down the days until the soiree.  On the day of the fete, she shopped for a housewarming gift but forgot to eat.  Big mistake.  Upon arriving at the party in her prettiest housewarming dress, Ophelia was immediately served une coupe de champagne which flowed straight into the next one.  Before she knew it, young Ophelia was drunk.  Fortunately, the host, hostess and numerous guests also fell victim to the extremely attentive catering staff who never left a glass half empty.  Despite high levels of intoxication, it was a fabulous night.  Too bad Ophelia can't remember much of it.....

The End. 

Girls, I never thought I would see the day but I think I may have to swear off champagne.  I feel as though someone hit me over the head with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot after I drank the whole thing!  The pain is excruciating!  En plus, I have a faint recollection of getting a little emotional over the fact that this young couple had just purchased a home and I am still *just* an intern.   Looking around the gorgeously decorated 2 piece apartment just steps from the Seine made me green with envy (or maybe I was just green with nausea! Eeew!).  This brings me to the moral of this cautionary tale... Never mix champagne and deeply-buried envy.  It always comes bubbling to the surface....

Bisous x x x Ophelia

PS.  At least I looked cute!

Ophelia's Outfit

Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Very Own Intern

Ophelia, I am 100% with you about manners in the work place... it is basic Management 101!

These last two weeks have been particularly interesting for me as an Eternal Intern.  Since my promotion, I have been assigned a group of interns of my very own!  Some of them are not the sharpest tools in the box, but there are a few interns that are part of the reason I am able to get through my days!

Last night my favorite intern stayed with me at the office for over 15 hours, and although most of the time he was simply keeping me company... I would undoubtedly have been crying by myself in the office by 10pm, trying desperately to finish up my long list of "to does".

I also spent the last week interviewing for new interns!  I don't even know what to look for!  I have a pile of resumes on my desk and have been asking myself...  WHAT DOES ONE LOOK FOR IN AN INTERN?  I don't just want any interns... I want to find myself fabulous Eternal Interns!!!

Should I take a chance on an eager student with no intern experience?
An experienced intern that is trying to create a network to call on in the future?
Unemployed writers trying to meet producers?

xxx Rose

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just say "S'il Vous Plait"!

Hello my darlings,
I hope you are both well.  I am so sorry for my latest disappearing act.  Between fashion week and the fabulous soirees with ma chere Flora, I haven't had much time to write. Well, I am back and I promise to be better at keeping in touch.  So what's new in the world of Ophelia?  Well, ladies, I have been working like a fiend.  It is lovely being back at the fashion mag but things sure are different in the fashion department.  To put it nicely, it's a lot more work with a lot less thanks.

I know I have touched on manners before, but I was raised with the idea that manners in the workplace are just as important as manners in the real world.  Don't get me wrong, almost everyone is lovely and easy to handle, but the arrival of Victoire, the new assistant has definitely made Please and Thank You a thing of the past.  Here's the back story:  Victoire is replacing Hortense, a lovely, charming and beautiful woman who was promoted to Responsable Shopping of the company's newest publication.  Good news for Hortense but a defeat for those stuck with Victoire.  She is mean, disagreeable and worst of all... the least fashionable person I have ever encountered!  How, you ask did such a creature score such a sweet job?  Le mystere du jour!

Just this morning, Cruella Deville tore into the office (20 minutes late, no less!) and in reply to my very sweet (and sincere) "Bonjour Victoire," she snapped "Is it?"!  Yes, Victoire, it was a good morning until you arrived!  I called my mother (the Queen of good manners) for a much needed vent-session and she reminded me not to forget my manners in the face of such rudeness.  I can't see myself ever being as impolie as mademoiselle V, but I can't help but wonder how a girl with a dream job, living in a lovely pied de terrre in the 7th arrondissement of Paris could be so stingy with the "S'il Vous Plaits" and the "Mercis"!  La politesse costs you absolutely nothing, but as the darling Hortense proved, it can take you oh so far!  So, I'm left with just one question:  Why the sour mood, Victoire?

Yours truly,

Ophelia x x x

The Rise of the Crash?

So chicas? How are you? Ophelia, I miss you! How is Paris holding up over there? Is it still bitter cold? And lucky thing over there on the West Coast...I bet you're already working on your 'spring' tan... ah la la...

I'm back to the grind of things here in NY...Things are very busy and promisingly it seems as though business is picking up again a little bit.

See, like so many industries, the luxury industry was incredibly hit by the recession...I remember so very well the day Lehman Brother's went down. I was sitting at my desk at the corner of 57th and 5th, and it seemed as though the world was slowly crumbling... everyone was tuned into CNBC... anything anyone could talk about was the 'crash'... and some (in my my office space actually....) compared this recession to the trenches of WWI (a little [very]strong I find...a comment very much out of place in my opinion...but it just proves to show the impact all of this had on some people....).

We were definitely hard hit. Business went down instantaneously... People that had been with the company 30 years, were let go from one minute to the next... Budgets were dramatically cut... Hiring freezes were set... everyone suffered... and yes... even the little intern...

A usually incredibly busy intern quickly saw her workload diminish... Over time hours (this Eternal Intern's source for bountiful extra cash) were cut... Stipends were cut by 50%... The atmosphere was sour... And it was quickly understood that any dreams of Eternal Employment, post-Eternal Internship, were hopeless...

Times were tough, and times are still tough... But this week, post-Paris frenzy, with loads of new dossiers on my desk, chitter chatter around the office on rising numbers and last week's announcement that the jobless rate was holding steady here in the US, it almost feels as though we can start to see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel!

I know...this may be a little optimistic so early in the game, but I'm starting the feel as though, little by little, things are starting to pick up again... perhaps the hiring freezes could sometime 'unfreeze'...soon? please? lol!

Anyhow...just a little thought I wanted to throw out to you girls! I miss you dearly!!!!!!! Write back soon!

Flora xoxo

Monday, March 8, 2010

Still "just" an intern...

I totally forgot it was the Oscars last night! How did everything go?? Did Quentin win anything?? I seriously completely forgot, being in Paris and all!

I am finally back in sunny New York. I got in this afternoon after a whirlwind of a trip in Paris with my dearest O. Paris - as per usual - was amazing. The shows were splendid, the parties divine, but the weather...oh the weather! It was frigid!

As for our two parties they were spectacular! CR's retirement extravaganza was an absolute hit (all with the help of JPG!), and our Fashion Week cocktail was also a success...The setting was breathtaking...

Now all of this sounds absolutely amazing...but let me tell you, not every moment spent in Paris was as divine as French wine...

Remember...I am still "just" an intern...and although that fabulous status (or...the generous X group) did afford me the trip overseas, the chambre d'hotel dans le 8e, impeccable diners rive gauche and a pass to a few ever-so-glamorous parties...I am still "just" an intern...and thus, my role, at our 2 parties was anything but glam.

After a day of prepping, logistics, running around and setting up for CR's retirement party at JPG's, I spent the evening - no, not sipping champagne or tasting the truffled risoto, instead I was relegated to coat check...yes my dear EIs,...f***ing coat check...I'll spare the details...but let me give you tips next time you hang 100s of coats...make sure you keep them in order!! This may sound wackoe coming from a girl who has a Masters in Finance...but keeping the coats in order is key, especially when Sonia R's daughter comes up in a fury requesting her coat for a quick 'cig' downstairs...oh la la...

My coat check scare led me to do attendance at our second (and final) X cocktail...Having prepared the guest list in NY and organized every last detail of this soiree I knew exactly who/what to expect! As exciting as it was to see "les peoples" arrive...I was so sad to not be able to partake in the evenings's in moments like these that I realize how as an intern we really often are on the other side of the fence...

We partake in glamorous festivities...we organize elaborate soirees...we meet wondrous individuals...and yet we are still labelled as "only" interns...we are relegated to sometimes menial duties...we are hidden backstage...

Ok, I am not depressed. Listen I was insanely lucky to be able to go to Paris!! But it's true that looking back, I hope one day I will be able to plan, organize, execute and partake!! haha!! And perhaps even boss one or two interns of my own...oh the hypocrisy!!

Ah la la..ok with that I must go unpack!!

Bisous chiquitas!

Flora xoxo

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wonderful Wonderland

Dearest Eternal Interns,

How is Fashion Week in Paris ladies?  Haven't heard from you, but I am sure you are soaking up the energy of the city.  Let me know what you have been up to.  I am so terribly jealous that you guys are together in Paris right now.

This weekend is not only Oscar weekend, but you know how excited I have been for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland... well it has earned $116 opening weekend!  I couldn't be happier for Jonny Depp and Tim Burton... they have one of those relationships that works beautifully on a creative level.  Together they have provided us with the extraordinary Edward Scissorhands!  Unfortunately, I didn't' get to see Alice this weekend, but I already have my tickets booked to go see it at the El Capitan in a couple of weeks.

Well, I must run ... I have an oscar party to attend... nothing special... just a friend that is hosting with his 50" screen.  (I can't wait to have enough money to decorate my place, and a large television is definitely on the priority list.) 

3 Things that I am excited for from this years Oscars:

1) The hosts-Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin.  I absolutely love both of their works.. they are tremendous comedians and I truly believe that they will do the show justice... although I thought Hugh Jackman was spectacular last year as well.
2) Producer-Adam Shankman.  I adore his work and he had very high hopes for bringing new life to the Academy Awards.  I am extremely interested to see what will be different.
3) The Red Carpet-  I have always been a fan of the fashion at these shows.  Ophelia, I would love to get your opinion on the best and worst dressed!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
xxx Rose

Friday, March 5, 2010

Am I the Future of Publishing?

Dearest girls,
Recently I was asked why I haven't launched my own magazine.  I thought it was a fair question considering I have been busting my butt in the publishing industry with only minor success.  Truth be told, I have considered launching a magazine, but given the current state of publishing and the fact that some of the oldest and most respected magazines are on the verge of collapse, I fear the odds are stacked against me.  There is no question that publishing industry has taken a hit in recent years and as a result, magazines are closing their print editions in favor of the online version.  New mags are launching as web-zines, a notion that horrifies me!  I am rather old school when it comes to this topic, I don't think a magazine should exist solely on the internet. Look at Vogue, Vanity Fair and W!  Everything that makes these magazines great would most certainly be lost if they were only available digitally.  To launch a magazine online would contradict the very reasons I aspire to work in the field, despite the fact that the world of publishing seems to be heading that way.

I have always enjoyed leafing through the pages of my favorite magazines, hoping to one day see my name printed on their pages.  As the magazine world tries to establish itself in the face of online competition, my greatest fear would be to see the world's most respected magazine fold because people would rather look to the digital pages of a magazine crafted in some blogger's bedroom. Perhaps I am stuck in the past, but I strongly believe that an online magazine, no matter how many followers it has, could never have the reach and recognition of Vogue in its 118-year history.  In an age when the words of respected journalists are being overlooked in favor of 140-character Tweets, I remain nostalgic for the days when a subscription to Vogue was in vogue and books came in paperback or hardcover and not Kindle or eBook.  

Some may say that I lack of initiative, but I see it as a reverence for the greats that inspired me to try my luck in an industry that is notorious for making "the little guy" pay his dues.  I work long hours with little thanks or recognition, but one day it will all pay off.  One day, I will be working wtih the writers, editors and photographers I so highly esteem!  

And while I'm on the subject, let's to pay tribute to some of the fallen giants...

Bisous x x x Ophelia 

Mademoiselle (1935- 2001)

Mirabella (1989-2000)

Teen Magazine (1954-2009)

Gourmet (1941-2009)

'Pop' le Champagne a Paris

Coucou Rose!!

I'm writing you from Paris!! Where I'm finally back with my dear O.!! It's such a thrill to be back...especially in the middle of Fashion Week! The city is abuzz...everyone is running around...on the the the streets...c'est la folie!!

I have to admit, this is my first Fashion Week a j'adore!!

I've been quite MIA...but I do believe my excuse is valid, non?

Rose, Fashion Week pour le monde de la mode a Paris is idem to the Oscars for you Hollywood folks!! Thus, I can imagine the excitement on your part of the planet...and although I'm the not the greatest Tarantino fan...through your affiliation I'm rooting you guys on!!

As for me and O, we have quite the weekend ahead of us!! Through her new gig at "Le" Fashion mag and my parties in Parigi, we barely have any time to stop! I think the craziness of being so busy is definitely recomforting her in her decision to have taken this latest internship gig up! And who knows...perhaps new connections, new ideas, and new experience could one day lead her to create a mag of her own! On ne sait jamais!

Mais bref, last night was a late late night...we had the E. Mag Soiree de la folie...yes la folie...followed by the V. cocktail...even more debauchery!! Tomorrow is JPG's show...tonight is a blur and in between all this I will have my 2 crazy amazing parties to execute!! The bar is high...especially in this city of lights, but I'm up for it!

Rose I seriously can't write much you can tell my perpetual perplexion has ceased...well just for a short while perhaps hehe!! And I'm just enjoying every moment I can savour here with O!!

We will send news ASAP!!!

Big bisous de Paris!!

Flora xoxo

Glorious Tarantino


Ophelia, how was your first week back?  I'm glad you are back in the game despite your hesitations and slight disappointment, I truly believe that you are taking 2 steps forward and NO steps back.   Mark my words, beautiful lady, you will be heading a magazine of your own one day!  Until then... chin up... and impress anything any anyone that crosses your path, because it is all about your rolodex.

While you two girls plan your rendezvous in Paris, this eternal intern is soaking in all the excitement of Oscars week.  Every morning I pass by the busy intersection of Hollywood and Highland where the academy awards will be held in just a few days.

With the Oscar weekend approaching, I find myself rooting for a person that should not be an underdog... but somehow has become exactly that!  Inglourious Basterds is nominated for 8 awards and is up against the critics' favorites Hurt Locker and Avatar with 9 nominations each.  If you ask me (which you didn't but I will share with you my answer regardless) Quentin should receive Best Screenplay, Christoph should receive Best Supporting and the movie itself should be Best Picture!  Avatar should sweep the tech awards and lastly Bigelow should be recognized for Hurt Locker.

Personally, I have been a fan of Quentin since the day I was born...

Reservoir Dogs... LOVE IT!
Pulp Fiction... LOVE IT!
Four Rooms... LOVE IT!
From Dusk Till Dawn... LOVE IT!
Jackie Brown... LOVE IT!
Kill Bill... LOVE IT!
Kill Bill II... LOVE IT!
Deathproof... LOVE IT!
Grindhouse... LOVE IT!
Inglourious Basterds... LOVE IT!... LOVE IT!... LOVE IT!

xxx Rose

Monday, March 1, 2010

One Step Forward Two Steps Back

My dear girls,
How are you?  Rose, would you mind booking me a ticket from Paris to Victoria, BC?  I am Maid of Honor in my friend's wedding and I am trying to get a ticket!  haha!  Flora, I am as perpetually perplexed as you are!  It's the blind leading the blind!

In fact, I am pondering my future tonight as I get ready for my first day back to work.  Yes, I am officially taking another spin at the fashion magazine"!  I'm all ready to go... outfit picked out, nails painted, purse packed.  I reread the current issue to get back in the groove and I'm perusing to make sure I'm up to date on the latest in fashion news but something is still amiss.   I can't help thinking that I am taking a step in the wrong direction.  I don't want to say it's a step backward, because any experience is good experience, but I have already danced this dance!  I swore to myself that I would never intern again, that it was Eternal Employment from here on out and yet here I am, an intern on the eve of a new internship.

It isn't supposed to be like this... I did everything right.  Fancy private school, respected university, a masters degree, not to mention the internships at fashion houses and magazines in Paris and New York!  And toujours an Eternal Intern.  I know all the steps, I have been practicing for years and yet here I am back in the corps de ballet... never center stage!  

So I ask you this, as we dance this Eternal Intern dance, is it always one step forward two steps back?

Bisous x x x  Ophelia


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